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Special Needs Department

Programs and Services

SUMMER 2024 Enrollment for ALL  Programs- Contact Us here

  • For ages 3-7.5 yrs
  • Parental involvement encouraged
  • Online tutorial education included
  • 10 week intervals/8wks summer OR all year
  • One on one onsite appointments, individualized neuro-motor, cooperative play, physical exercises

First step for ALL New families is to set up an ICA - Intake Consult Assessment appointment. A one-time process!

Full AGP

  • For ages 7.5-18yrs
  • Full 32 week process - Sept-June
  • Summer is 8 weeks
  • One on one, individualized motor skill development, intervention, emotional regulation skills, engagement in fun and activity
First Time participants:

A good time to start for any age is in the Summer (July-Aug 8weeks).

We also offer 8week intervals IntroAGP (introductory movement therapy) in January and April - if you miss the September fullAGP start.

Wondering 'when is the best time to start'? See this video answer from our live Q&A:


ETR - Exercise Therapy and Recreation Program
  • For ages 18.5yrs and up (no limit)
  • Full year 32 weeks OR 10-12 week intervals/8wks in summer
  • Next ETR: September 2023  start
  • One on one, individualized life skill development around health and active mindset.
  • Therapeutic exercise where required
  • Mental health support through recreation

The ETR program is the adult version of the AGP, with some important considerations for age-related concerns, health status and daily independence.  In the ICA we offer a comprehensive onsite physical assessment for  individuals to start the ETR. (Possibility for the consult portion to be completed remotely)

Special Needs 

With our experienced programs and services we can provide professional guidance, interventions and support for all challenging conditions, situations and disorders (diagnosed or undiagnosed). Some common diagnoses we see:

  • GDD - Global Developmental Delays
  • Autism
  • Seizure disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Genetic deletions
  • Down Syndrome
  • DCD, Cerebellar ataxias
  • ABI - Acquired Brain Injury
  • Prader Willi Syndrome

Watch this short intro video (click/press to play) --->

What about those with a Physical Disability (either wheelchair or other)?

We offer a very special service called Combination Therapy.  It combines the use of a very specialized device called the "Exer-rest" for short.

Brief History of the AGP

We began a pilot project in 2002 with children with social-communication disorders such as Autism and found they required physical motor skill intervention. As well we discovered the benefits of emotional regulation through the physical -- brain based!.  We were the first in Canada to identify and work with the 6 key motor deficits in ASD's and other developmental disorders.  We authored new course for parents and paraprofessionals in April 2020 on this philosophy.

Necessity for a good ETR

After high school, resources for adults with special needs and disabilities dwindles.  We actually got our start with disabilities with adults. Our advanced experience and care for this group is unsurpassed. We are happy to help and give anyone a chance to feel better and increase their independence.

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Want to work with us?

If you are looking for both experience and a career helping with challenged individuals, Special needs children and adults, we welcome new applications for Special Needs Instructors (SNI) and apprenticeships.

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