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...different than Integrative medicine...

...Integrative health is a state of

well-being in body, mind and spirit that reflects aspects of the individual, community and population using all the tools available. 


Accessing nutritional and nutraceutical information, rehabilitative techniques and modalities, exercise therapy and prescribed movement, mindfulness and metaphysical counseling. Essentially 'health is freedom'.

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Christian has an Specialized Honours BA in Kinesiology (R.Kin), a degree from Sheridan College in Athletic Therapy (CAT) and a degree in Osteopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Osteopathy.  His love of sport and the desire to help others has led him to become an Athletic Therapist for many years, and now an Osteopath.  Christian has been in clinical practice for 16years and has developed the passion and skill to treat the body as a 'whole' and not just the injured area.  In addition, he works to find the 'cause', whether it is chronic imbalances or injury and treat it.

Christian is here to help and serve each and every client. He is keen to educate himself on the latest techniques and treatments so he can grow and improve his established skills.  Christian believes in a holistic approach to treatment and that the practitioner helps the body achieve balance, it then has the ability to heal itself.  While working as an AT, Christian became very interested in the connection between the body's systems and how to treat them in an orderly manner for optimum healing.  Through his studies in Osteopathy, Christian feels very equipped to work together with other practitioners.  He feels that by providing 'cause related treatment' with a comprehensive caring approach builds a great community. 

Christian Ying   HBA.(RKin), CAT(C), Osteopath(Reg)

Osteopathic Practitioner

Athletic Therapist

Corey Evans is a leading authority on personal health. Through the application of sound wellness and behavior modification he motivates clients to access their inner strength. As a wellness consultant Corey has helped thousands of clients who have sought his guidance for preventive health using exercise, natural nutrition and stress management. He is passionate about traditional diets, experienced in organic farming, stress reduction and preventive means to resolving dysfunction and disease.


Corey uniquely bridges the gap of information between holistic/alternative health and conventional health knowledge. Corey is particularly knowledgeable and passionate about seniors, children and teen development. He has extensive experience through his work with neurologically impaired individuals, corrective exercise for injury and obese children, falls prevention for seniors and advanced testing for functional muscle strength.  He combines his unique knowledge, education and research to provide compassionate support to people of all ages and abilities.  


Corey is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the BODiWORKS Institute in Mississauga, which has individually helped thousands of adults and children since 1995. He is the President of the Freedom Initiatives Health Corp, a consulting firm currently providing health business and motivation solutions.  


Corey is the creator and founder of the Adapted Gym Program for special needs children, a first in Canada.  He has also founded the BBAIM (Brain-based Autism Intervention and Management) team which is tasked with providing information, supervision of services and professional therapies to families with children within the Autism spectrum.  Over the last few years Corey has been in detailed development of programs to help older adults reduce the affects of sarcopenia and dynapenia. One such endeavour is called Steady Senior.


Corey holds a degree in Biological and Health Sciences with emphasis in Kinesiology and a strong continuance of certifications in the exercise, wellness and human behavior fields. He has received inspiration from the Dr.A.Weil Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona through course work studying the link between nutrition and cardiovascular health.  He actively speaks to medical staff, corporations, community organizations, Universities and businesses. Corey also coaches on various topics related to wellness and behavior solutions.

Corey Evans

Executive Director


Reverend Laurie Teggart holds a Masters in Metaphysics M.M., a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science B.MSc. and a four year Bachelors of Arts Degree B.A., specializing in Sociology and Crime and Deviance, minoring in Philosophy. She is presently pursuing two separate Doctorate Degrees concurrently, in Metaphysical Counselling (D.Div) and Metaphysical Psychology(Ph.D). 

Laurie is ordained through the International Metaphysical Ministry, The Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and The Wisdom of the Heart Church.

Laurie is authorized under the Marriage Act as a Reverend with her Ministry to solemnize Marriages in the Province of Ontario.

Laurie is a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist(CH) and has completed advanced training in hypnosis as a Certified Master Hypnotist through the World Hypnosis Network. She is also certified to perform past life exploration.


Additional to her studies in Spirituality and the unconscious mind, Laurie is also certified as an Add Heart Facilitator with the Heart Math Institute.  As a part of the Integrative health model Laurie counsels on a variety of topics and challenges. Laurie is very capable and willing to help people through crisis, to rejuvenate through improved mindfulness.

Rev. Laurie Teggart BA., M.M., B.MSc., CH

Metaphysical Counselor


Heart Math Facilitator

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Ana, has always been passionate about being active, helping others, and the outdoors. In her teenage years she dedicated much of her time to playing golf competitively. When she wasn’t actively playing golf, she spent her free time coaching and mentoring youngsters in golf, helping them to improve their motor function. Outside of fitness and rehabilitation Ana loves gardening, camping, hiking, and crafting. She found a love of working with seniors during her final year of studies at Brock University in the BSc in Kinesiology through her placement with the Senior Fit program. Now a Registered Kinesiologist, she draws on her background in exercise rehabilitation to ensure safe, effective and most importantly fun exercise sessions with seniors of all ability levels. Ana is newer to the world of adaptive programming for individuals with special needs but is committed to learning more and helping individuals of all abilities meet their goals. Ana loves to pull on her creativity to create unique and specialized exercise programming. Helping people is truly what gets her up in the morning.

Ana Ferreira BSc., RKIN,  AMD1&2

Registered Kinesiologist / Exercise Therapist / Evaluator / SNI

Ramez is a University of Guelph alumni, holding an Honours Degree in Psychology. Ramez has been a Lifeguard and swimming instructor for over 4 years with the Lifesaving Society and the Red Cross. Throughout his career as a swimming instructor, he has had the opportunity to work with swimmers of all ages and abilities to improve their overall health and wellness. Ramez likes to always stay active, by trying out different sports. Ramez is currently working towards becoming a board-certified behavioural analyst. He is currently enrolled with Yorkville university to pursue a master’s degree in counselling psychology. Such education and sports experience are aimed at leading his progress in working with individuals of all ages and abilities to improve their health and wellness through exercise.

Ramez is passionate about helping others and becoming a part of their support team network and to help make a difference in people’s lives. Ramez believes in supporting individuals with care, and compassion so that they may reach their full potential. Such approach motivates Ramez to work at the BODiWORKS institute.  

Ramez Wadie  BA (psych), AMD1

Special Needs Instructor (SNI)

Karim is currently enrolled at McMaster University for a Bachelor of Health Sciences. He has been a part of the Red Cross, as well as the Lifesaving Society, as a swimming instructor and lifeguard respectively. Karim enjoys playing sports competitively, as well as for leisure, in order to achieve a balance in life. He is passionate about science, specifically human anatomy, as well as exercise, and hopes to pursue a career in Medicine. He is working on his AMD certification to better his skills as an SNI. His goal is to help others achieve their best and facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Karim is continuously learning and expanding on his skillset, giving clients at the BODiWORKS Institute the best possible care.

Through Karim’s experience with exercise, science, as well as his passion for helping others, he can provide each client with optimal care, delivering BODiWORKS Institute’s goals, prevention, rehabilitation, and education.

Karim Wadie  HBSc (cand), AMD1

Special Needs Instructor

Rutuja holds an undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy from India. With this background, she wanted to explore more opportunities in the fields of recreation and exercise science. This led her to pursue a certification course in Recreation Therapy and currently, she is studying Clinical Kinesiology at Sheridan College, to work towards becoming a Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Rutuja has worked with children with special needs in the past by providing physiotherapy interventions. She has also had the experience of working with adults with various neurological and orthopedic conditions. She is keen to use exercises as a part of a “holistic” plan of care for the clients.

She has been part of her university volleyball and throwball team and represented the university at extramural tournaments. Apart from this, she has an interest in creative writing and performing arts. She is a strong believer that participating in sports and other leisure activities is a great outlet and a way to express ourselves.

Rutuja thinks that working with special needs is a rewarding experience she wants to combine this with her expertise in exercise and rehabilitation to aid these people.

Rutuja Balolia BSc. Kin, AMD 1&2

Special Needs Instructor (SNI)

James is a graduate from York University with a Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health science, with a minor in Psychology. From the beginning of his education the field of rehabilitation and exercise was his main goal! As his education continued he noticed the importance of both the physical and psychological well being of an individual. He decided to take his education a step further by completing a minor in Psychology to allow a better understand of any future clients and to provide them the best services he can offer. He has a passion for sports and believes exercise is crucial for everyone!

James is passionate about helping others gain their sense of individualism while assisting them with exercises. He has experience with coaching others in volleyball and was previously a swimming instructor! With these skills and his education, he hopes to help others and guide them to the best of his abilities!



James Law BSc, AMD1

Special Needs Instructor

Vysh Mahathman’s passion for sports and fitness led him to the University of Waterloo, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Kinesiology. He has played basketball, volleyball, and soccer at a competitive level, and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. When he isn’t playing sports, he enjoys playing the guitar, piano, and drums. Vysh has been working with special needs individuals for 8 years now, previously working as a Job Coach, where he guided individuals with special needs to navigate themselves into the workforce. Using his knowledge and experience, Vysh is passionate about making a difference and helping the special needs population improve their quality of life. His values and goals align with those of BODiWORKS Institute, which is why he is motivated and happy to be a part of an incredible organization.


Vysh Mahathman  BSc.(Kin), AMD1

Special Needs Instructor (SNI)

an evolution of Integrative Health 

WE have been first in Canada at initiating action, progressive in helping those with challenges, and innovative in our attempts to find solutions.

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" Despite all the challenges life has brought me emotionally and physically, BODiWORKS is the best customized program on a one to one basis. I could never have improved my health otherwise. It has been only eight months since I started the program, already my health has improved drastically. I throw my hat to Corey!"

R. Mainville

" The personal attention and the friendly positive atmosphere is what our family enjoys about BODiWORKS. It is the one lifestyle program that we have been able to stay committed and motivated to. We feel the program has met our needs and goals. The program has helped us to become more confident and feel better about ourselves. Both my children enjoy the program and have received many compliments on their body changes and how great they look now. The lifestyle change has built confidence in both my children. My son has benefited greatly by BODiWORKS. He had tried other programs with no success. His doctor recommended BODiWORKS and since then he has had great success. He has changed tremendously in body shape, confidence and lifestyle thanks to the BODiWORKS program. I no longer feel as though I have lost my money on another unsuccessful program. We don't feel like we are looking for a quick fix program.  The time and expertise that has been provided by BODiWORKS to help me and my family change our lifestyle was and is well worth all the time and effort."

Halfyard Family

" My son has shown more focus in unrelated activities - able to stay on task for much longer periods of time.  He is able to transfer what he has learned to other areas like home and school.  He talks about "BODiWORKS" constantly and looks forward to his visits.  Physically he is slimming down and gaining strength.  He is eager to learn how things work and some things are favourite and some are not.  The staff at BODiWORKS have a very good handle on his behaviour and language. They have managed to get him to do favourite activities as well as those that are not. I think it will continue to be a terrific program for my son. Thanks BODiWORKS!

S. Garvin, mother of a son in the Adapted Gym Program

" Every session I get invaluable educated information about what exercises are best for me at that moment and why.  When I ask about exercises I see other people doing, I get precise explanations about why that machine or exercise may or may not be a safe or efficient technique.  In six months not only has my body changed, but so has my attitude to my body.  I'm no longer weak.  I'm no longer achy.  And I really miss my routine if I have to miss it.  I always leave a session feeling good about myself and about what I just learned.  I would unequivocally recommend the BODiWORKS Institute."

M. Stronach

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