Prescribed Movement

We have two great options to meet your goals and needs:


Expert help, Great progress

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It is a completely individualized health-based approach to movement both for therapeutic and fitness means. It is provided by a BODiWORKS Clinical Exercise Specialist on a session by session basis.

Exercise prescription always begins with an assessment to properly establish the individual needs, challenges and goals of the client/patient.

Elements of kinesiology, yoga, athletic training, occupational health, physiotherapy and energy medicine are used in the Exercise Prescription toolbox.

NEW-Ergonomic assessment and consulting now available for in-home/onsite/in-business by remote - virtual appointments

For the best Integrative approach and longterm goals; check out our RENEW Program below.


Maximize your Rehab efforts

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As an Integrative health facility we can offer Rehabilitative Exercise appointments for:

  •   Post TKR (Total Knee Replacements)
  •   Post surgical procedures
  •   Neurological injury (non-chronic)
  •   Post illness
  •   Low back / spine rehabilitation
  •   Post fracture rehabilitation

All appointments are only 1/2 hr, one on one with a Clinical Exercise Specialist.

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RENEW Program

RENEW means to provide improvement, find yourself, and arrive at a NEW positive change.

  • For this takes time, consistency and knowledge.  We are able to provide this with secured appointments times weekly for the entirety of your program and beyond.
  • You can take advantage of the Integrative health perspective in this program to meet your goals.
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RENEW Minimum #weeks


Age minimum (yrs)


Fee Reduction Incentives (%)


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What about Special needs situations ?

We have a Special Needs Department.  For children as young as 3yrs and adults 19yrs+ we have special programs to address specific needs.  READ MORE.

How do I get started with Prescribed Movement ?

The first step for everyone is to have an HCA - Health Consult & Assessment.  You may schedule this with us onsite.  Once you have completed this appointment we can best suggest various options for Prescribed Movement.

Does everyone need a HCA first?

If you are currently working with an allied health professional for rehabilitation you can start right away with Rehabilitative Exercise appointments. See link above to book an 1/2hr appointment now.

What are some details about the appointments?

All appointments are one on one. You will not be placed into a group, no worries.  Facility is very private and comfortable.  All programs and treatments are individualized for each person's needs.  As an integrative health facility we believe in collaborating with other professionals to best service your needs.  For all ages and all abilities.

REMOTE assistance by appointment available for ALL of the above services.
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