ERGONOMICS Assessment & Care

Custom home, office or job site analysis.             

Specialized "ergo-centric" exercise for prevention and treatment.


Custom Assessment 

Set up an Assessment with our Occupational ergonomics professional for your workspace either at your home, office or jobsite.  Company (more than 1) assessments can be provided. Receive a complete professional perspective with a recommendations report.  In this step we can assist in sourcing equipment recommended to achieve better ergonomics in your workspace.



Often part of the recommendations include a care plan for "what ails you" as part of the solution to your ergonomic related concerns.  This can include seeing our "ergo-centric" exercise professional  and/or seeing our Osteopath.  Priority can be determined in the Assessment process - whether you have a prolonged condition or injury.



This step varies depending on what the solutions are.  We can re-assess the ergonomics of your workspace once recommendations have been implemented. In cases where care is provided we can re-assess after a series of treatments.

Is your work position harming you?

Do you have lingering aches and pains?

BODiWORKS Institute's Ergo-centric Exercise

Personal Exercise treatment

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What is Ergo-Centric Exercise?

We customize the exercise prescription from the Ergonomic recommendations report.  Symptomology such as joint aches, headaches, muscle spasms can relate directly to many hours of work related positions. In addition, posture, spine range and circulation are taken into account when evaluating what movements are best to help alleviate body stress points or even older injury.  This may include special stretches, resistance exercises, functional movement patterns and even corrective-type movements .  Our "ergo-centric" exercise can be more specialized to you depending on your needs and interest.  

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Company - Commercial and Industrial

Occupational Ergonomic or Function Testing

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A company prospers when its employees are able and well.  

The Ergonomic Assessment for your team is a great way to promote wellbeing, reduce delays, prevent prolonged injury and work burden.  We can tailor the process to your work sector or even your individual company.  We can also provide custom advanced testing for pre-employment or return to work capacity. 

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