Seniors Integrative Health

Specially designed services for Older Adults to become stronger, more confident and healthier.


Steady Senior

Initial Intake Process

Any person is a candidate for our assistance.  Please send us your contact information and we will send an Intake form to be filled out completely and submitted by you.  

Intake Form Request


Consult and Assessment

Once we have received the Intake Form you will be contacted for a Consult and customized Assessment. It is preferable to have this appointment at our location however situations vary.  We can provide the appointment at our location or at yours (home or care facility).  


Program prescription

In the Steady Senior program our goal is to provide someone 70yrs and over the opportunity to become more mobile and feel healthier. There may be various ways to help depending on the results from our Initial Consult and Assessment. We can provide:

  • Prescribed movement - exercise
  • Osteopathy - hands on treatment
  • Nutritional assistance - consulting
  • Social assistance - light daily movement

*in situations where mobility is nearly zero (ie. bed or wheelchair) we can provide hands on therapies and manual body mobilizations.

Aging is a delicate balance between maintenance and progress.  How to best help a family member requires consideration between their dependence and dignity. 


Post-injury, illness or surgery

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We can help:

  •   If you have had a Knee replacement, Hip replacement
  •   Fractures or injuries
  •   Weakened from illness
  •   Recovery from surgery

Physical strength, Falls prevention, Heart health

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We can help:

  •    If you are working on Falls prevention we have some of the best protocols at the BODiWORKS Institute
  •    Increasing muscle overall in your body can decrease joint weakness, pain and worry.