GOLF Prep Program by BODiWORKS

An exercise and mobility program for you.   Geared specifically for those who enjoy golfing and would like to hit the green ready to go this Spring!

Starts the week of February 13th

Various times and days are available for your appointments.  The GOLF Prep is a total of 8 weeks.  Openings limited. Several schedule options.  Work with our qualified practitioners.

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We will connect with you for scheduling and payment arrangements for enrollment.

Two GOLF Prep program options

1. Attend 1x/wk for 45mins, individualized golf specific mobility and strengthening; GOLF Prep program only.

2. Attend 2x/wk for 60mins each appointment for total health, mobility, strengthening and conditioning which also includes the GOLF Prep program. All one on one.


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Don't wait until the greens are ready!

Feel Loose. Get Stronger. Golf Better.

A few research facts about the benefits of preparation training for Golf season:

golfer image1

- those with strong 'core' muscles have less low back injuries

- better aerobic conditioning helps your overall score  

- greater flexibility can generate greater club head speed

- better posture (spine, pelvis, hip) helps to strike the ball more consistently, eliminate chronic injuries and improve power

Common issues associated with Golf performance:
  • Hip/pelvic misalignment
  • Knee pain
  • Low back discomfort 
  • Low back injury
  • Fatigue
  • Shoulder pain
  • Wrist pain
Take an opportunity for prepping!

How we can help:

  • Reduce tightness in your hips and pelvis
  • Knee joint strengthening
  • Conditioning specific to golf
  • Balance improvements
  • Improve golf specific coordination 
  • Improve 'core' strength
  • Spine / posture improvement
  • Strengthen wrists and shoulders