the "Exer-rest"


Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy

For Special Needs & Disabilities


For children, adults, seniors.  Combination Therapy for best results WBPA + active

For Chronic Inflammatory conditions


Treatments & Prescribed Movement

For best results treatments can be combined with Prescribed Movement.

For Parkinsons and associated disorders
Improve Control

This is a noted treatment for neurological disorders, but particularly movement disorders such as Parkinsons. Use in combination with exercise therapies.

WBPA affects

Non-invasive, natural

Over 20 year history in clinical studies for the use of whole body periodic acceleration therapy for treatment of various ailments.

The impact of the motion (horizontal) creates a natural "shear force" on the body's endothelial cells of the vascular wall.  The continuous motion stimulates nitric-oxide (NO) to be synthesized and secreted into the blood stream.  This has all sorts of positive effects such as increased oxygen perfusion to the brain, organs and muscles !

See benefits below...

Benefits for Disabilities
  1.     Decrease spasticity
  2.     Increased peripheral circulation
  3.     Increase 180% temporary circulation to brain (increased O2)
  4.     Decrease risk or symptoms of type II      Diabetes
  5.     Improve cardio-pulmonary function
  6.     Decrease postural pains
  7.     Increased energy
Benefits for Chronic Inflammation
  1.     Decrease pro-inflammatory reactions
  2.     Improve joint mobility
  3.     Increase recovery from exercise
  4.     Helps sleep and rest
  5.     Feel more energy, less pain
  6.     Decrease body tightness
  7.     Prevent and improve hypoxic heart disease
  8.     Treat hypertension (assists) and improve cardiopulmonary function 
Benefits for Parkinsons
  1.     Improve mobility
  2.     Decrease spasticity, improve control
  3.     Decrease tightness in joints
  4.     Improve functional capacity
  5.     Decrease risk of peripheral vascular disease 
  6.      Feel better overall - mind and body
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