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the Health Improvement Journey...

BODiWORKS Institute's Integrative Health model

Your personal success is our concern.  Whether you have an injury, chronic condition, concerns about ability, life skills or general developmental challenges, we work as a collaborative team to provide you the best programs and services to help.

Our Integrative health model always includes access to physical and mind assistance. 

In over 25 years of practice and service, we have learned that your success with us, is dependent upon solid knowledge, and a caring environment.


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Rehabilitative Exercise
Individualized exercise treatments for post-surgery or injury



Treat the source to resolve your injury or discomfort...


NEW!  GOLF Prep Program   

An individual exercise and mobility program for you.  Tailored specifically for those who enjoy golfing and want to enhance your experience

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Enrollment for SEPTEMBER 2024- 
Programs for children and adults of special needs-essential care for positive mental health and physical abilities

 See below on our Special Needs Dept. page

Check out our Special Needs department and contact us Soon !

Also accepting new clients NOW for WBPA-Combination therapy

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07 Feb, 2024

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10 Jan, 2024

What is a person “to do” while living with a disability that keeps them from standing or walking? OR what about an autoimmune disease that causes pain? OR a neurological disorder that prevents their body from feeling relaxed or stretched?

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The Mood Boosting Effects of Prescribed Exercise

17 Nov, 2023

Regular, prescribed (for you only) exercise improves mood, effectively treating depression and anxiety.

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